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When Do Babies Start Walking?

True crawling on their hands and knees can get your baby mobile at surprising speed, but there are a lot of other ways your baby might choose to get around. Once your baby discovers they can walk while holding your hand, they may never let go of you. You and every adult who comes near them will probably get roped into their favorite activity.

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Make sure all your furniture is stable and safe for baby to lean on, because everything is fair game in their quest to get around the room. As your baby moves closer to true walking, the window when they might begin a new skill gets wider.

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  8. This is because some babies start practicing gross motor skills early, while others wait and move through them quickly to true mobility. Your baby has an innate drive to become mobile. So at every stage, sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit back and let them explore their abilities in their own time.

    But you can encourage and motivate them to become more mobile at each stage.

    Babyproof your home by covering sharp corners, securing furniture, and moving breakables out of the way, so your baby can explore safely. Setbacks, like falls, are normal as your baby learns to walk. They may even take their first steps and then go back to crawling for a little while as they gain confidence for more steps.

    How can parents tell if their baby is on schedule? The wide range of usual ages to begin walking has many factors, but it all boils down to the fact that every child does things at their own pace.

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    Some babies focus more on fine motor and social skills before gross motor skills such as walking. Why do babies wear helmets? Do they have to wear them all the time? What conditions do the helmets treat? Taking care of a baby with a fever is stressful for any parent.

    4 Exercises to Help Your Baby Walk

    Read on to learn when you can expect them to reach this happy milestone. The second video received hundreds of comments, saying thankfully the baby didn't fall, while some said the mother should have closed the window after bringing the child inside. The baby can be seen freely walking on the ledge without even looking down. Main Image Courtesy of LindeLwe.

    What are the usual signs show my baby is ready to walk?

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