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Black Friday Crowd Rushing into Urban Outfitters

After all, nothing ruins the holiday spirit like having to call your lawyer! Stores open earlier every year, which means that people start forming their absurd lines even earlier. That's over a week before sales even start! Last year, Christine Orta of St.

Petersburg, Florida started the line 9 days early , and in , Lori and Ryan Davenport actually tried to set the record for most time spent in line for Black Friday.

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So, not only do they waste their holiday waiting in line, but they've got a rival? TIP: If you run into any of these people during your shopping, watch out.

They've been there longer and they're more invested, so they're probably the most likely to snap. Imagine showing up to a store on Black Friday expecting to grab your cart and start shopping, only to see this. In , over shopping carts were stolen from a Toys 'R' Us in The Bronx over the holiday season. No word on why the one lonely cart outside is from Target, but I'll bet there were some angry shoppers that year! TIP: Make sure you're prepared for cart-less shopping; take some fabric shopping bags for smaller items and more hands for the bigger items.


You'd think we would have outgrown this attitude sometime during childhood, but Black Friday brings out the "I had it first" mentality in people. These Walmart shoppers couldn't even wait until they finished taking the shrink wrap off the pallets. These costs might be worth bearing if they led to even larger gains.

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But when all outlets open earlier, no one benefits. Few people actually want to shop in the wee hours, and the purchases that do occur then are presumably offset, dollar for dollar, by reduced sales during normal business hours. Even the shoppers who turn out for early openings seem motivated primarily by a fear that others might snap up bargains before they get there.

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But if all stores opened later, there would be no fewer bargains than before. In short, we have a classic collective action problem, an arms race. But we can start thinking about what can be done to protect our future Thanksgivings.

7 horrifying moments of Black Friday insanity

But there is a simpler, more flexible, way to approach this problem. Inspired by the proposal of the Republican presidential contender Herman Cain, I call it the plan — an across-the-board 6 percent national sales tax on top of any existing state and local sales taxes in effect from 6 p. This plan would leave both stores and consumers free to decide for themselves whether middle-of-the-night shopping is worth it. Even if some retailers decided to stick with the early openings and even if some shoppers showed up, the country would reap a significant benefit. They owed their popularity, in part, to the fact that plenty of adults were scooting around town on them, too.

Unfortunately, experts say the scooters have also been a big reason for a spike in toy-related injuries since their introduction. Though iPods were introduced in , it took the digital music players a few years to go truly mainstream.

People Beat Each Other Up Over Towels At Walmart On Black Friday

In , Apple added the colorful iPod mini to its lineup, grabbing the attention of gift-buyers everywhere. During the holiday sales months in , Apple sold 4. In , the Thanksgiving release of the Microsoft Xbox had holiday shoppers scrambling from store to store. Some shoppers even grumbled that Microsoft was deliberately kept supply low to keep buyers frenzied. Last year, Xbox One was one of the best gift buys at Walmart.

Vitsœ to avoid Black Friday "insanity" by closing stores - United Kingdom

The popularity of video-game consoles continued in Unfortunately, demand also far outstripped supply for the newly released Sony PlayStation 3, touching off a number of violent incidents. It was also a big year for the new Nintendo Wii, which sold a whopping , consoles in its first week, according to IGN. In , gamers decided they wanted to play on the go. The handheld Nintendo DS dominated the holiday shopping season: More than 8.

Meanwhile, Apple released its first iPod Touch and sold 3. After a run of video games and Apple products, the Zhu Zhu Pet craze of seems almost quaint. Updated versions of the toy have also found their way back into stores in the past couple years.