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You must know it is not true. I shall die. I must die. She craved his love and the thought of him not believing her made her feel like she did not want to be alive. Her husband Armand, is very happy with the child.


He is so happy that he has not had a frown since the birth of the child. Armand would be characterized as dynamic and racist. I would describe him as a dynamic character is because he changes his mood and tone throughout the story. He goes from being joyful and happy with this child to cruel and rude.

He was happy with the arrival of the child until one day she saw that the child seemed darker than usual. As a slave owner, he assumed that this child has genes that of an African American. He freaks out and blames it on Desiree and says that she is half black, when the young lady is describes as white with grey eyes. Desiree was head over heels when it came to Armand. She is dynamic in the sense that she finally stops being dependent on him and becomes independent when she finds out that Armand does not love her no more.

Both of their actions after finding this out reveal a lot about their character as the story plays out. Desiree is portrayed as an easy-going, loving, motherly figure. For example, she continued to love and care about her husband despite how he treated her and her baby. Desiree wanted to see her husband happy, even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness. This shows that she really loved him because of the fact that she was willingly to be unhappy, just to see a smile on his face.


Her husband Armand was portrayed very differently in this story. He is portrayed as someone who is usually uptight and not very nice. With this sentence alone, one can tell that Armand is usually an uptight person because he basically had a change of heart once he was married and had a baby.

Desiree's Baby: a Study Guide

He also seems like someone who is in denial. He will not acknowledge the fact that it is him who is not fully white. He even went as far as separating from his wife because the baby was not white, but it was his fault that the baby was not white. This shows that he is a person who is one-sided and does not see all versions or perspectives of things.

He never once decided to look at himself and question whether or not he was fully white. The story is set place before the civil war, and Armand, a white man owned slaves on his plantation and was extremely cruel to them. Before marrying and welcoming his baby with Desiree, Armand is described as having a very authoritative personality.

Once the baby is three months old, his skin starts to darken and Armand becomes distant. He turned back into his old self disregarding Desiree and their son, because he was a mixed baby. Based on his actions you could infer that Armand is disgusted with his baby and now Desiree. Once confronted by Desiree, she finds out that he is ashamed of their baby based on his skin color.

Desiree decides to leave Armand and take the baby with her.

Wild Heart

Some time later, Armand decided to burn her stuff and came across a letter from his mother, where he finds out the truth behind his heritage. Armand is very ignorant when dealing with his race and racial identity, he is not aware of the fact that he is mixed and only views himself as a white male and this presents a problem.

His hatred for African Americans becomes a problem within their family when their child has a darker skin tone than everyone else. His ignorance of his background leads him to blame Desiree who was abandoned as a baby and unaware of her roots. This leads to the love between the two of them to begin to die out. The ignorance that they both have can be viewed as a blessing and a curse. This is the reason why Armand wants to marry her in the first place. Chopin describes Armand as a strict person, owning slaves. Eventually, Armand and Desiree have a baby.

In the beginning, their marriage seems lavish and pure. Armand became more aggressive and strict because of the fact that the baby had dark skin. Based off of looks, Armand and Desiree are white, with Desiree looking paler than him. Contrary to that fact, Armand blames Desiree that the baby is not white. Desiree then defends herself, showing Armand reasons why she is white, but Armand is too ignorant to listen to any of it. Desiree, insisted by her mother Madame Valmonde to come back home, takes her baby and leaves Armand. Instead of going to Valmonde though, she disappears into the bayou and did not return.

The power of this deleterious characteristic is an essential building block throughout the story. Although Desiree was still very young, she was able to take on the task of raising a child while she still had not fully been raised herself. Desiree is shown to illustrate deep love for the baby as she stays by its side no matter what.

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Next, Armand is shown as ignorant as he supposedly fell in love with Desiree and decided to take her hand in marriage. Chopin states Armand looked into her eyes and did not care. He was reminded that she was nameless. What did it matter about a name when he could give her one of the oldest and proudest in Louisiana?

Despite the fact that Armand seemed to love Desiree for who she was, he threw away their relationship simply because he believed that his white prestige made Desiree inferior to him as a human being. Armand is later proven to be foolish when he figures out that he too is black, and he has turned away someone for being born with the same ethnicity as him. Due to his lack of knowledge, Armand ended up playing the role of the oppressor to his own race. Armand came from a much more prestige and upper echelon lifestyle due to the fact that he owned slaves.

The characters change from happiness and confidence to hatred and confusion, all because of physical features of a baby. Armand a slave owner who was portrayed as a cold -hearted, and racist person was married to Desiree. Desiree was adopted by Madame and Monsieur Valmonde.

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Armand and Desiree were in love with each other and soon married. She would have never thought that Armand was cruel or portrayed any cold hearted traits. Armand loved this baby, in fact he glorified his child. It was not until the baby was growing that Armand began to loath both the child and Desiree.

Desiree although her husband had hated her and the baby, still cared for her child and prove to her husband that she had not brought shame to his name. It is evident that Desiree was tryna to prove Armand wrong in order to protect and continue there marriage. However, Armand just could not stand the thought of having a biracial child. He stopped loving her and Desiree was kind and cared for her child. But the thought of Armand not loving her anymore killed her, mentally and physically. Because of the love that had died between Desiree and Armand, Desiree killed both herself and her child.

Once Desiree killed herself, she no longer had the chance to know that her husband Armand was the corporate to why there child was biracial. Armand was biracial and was unaware of it himself. Someone who had been portrayed as the antagonist and was cruel, ended up being the blame for a child that he had not wanted.

Desiree's Baby

This a short story that portrays the importance of race during a time where was race was utilized to discriminate. Desiree is portrayed as someone young and loving. From this it can be assumed that desiree is a very young woman. Also, the excitement she has when she is talking about her child demonstrates that she is a very loving mother who truly cares for her child.

Her husband, Armand, is a slave owner who was once seen a mean spirited but changed and became more kind after falling in love with Desiree. This proves that Armand is not the same man that he used to be, it can be assumed that he had changed for the better. This was until he discovered that his baby was part black and then blamed Desiree for being partially black.

It is revealed at the end of the story that he was wrong. He read it. This implies that Armand was unaware of his roots and he is enslaving a race that he is technically a part of. Therefore, the text portrays Desiree as a young, loving, white woman and Armand as a mixed slave owner who does not know about his own background. Desiree the wife of Armand Aubigny was first told the reader when they mention Madame Valmonde the woman who took her in and how she took her in when she was left by a big stone pillar. Once Desiree grew older she was characterized a beautiful and angelic but also mysterious because of her unknown ancestry.

Armand was characterized as a rich man who is easily love struck, proud of his ancestry, a racist and strict. In the story Armand owns a slave plantation and was ruthless to his slaves and beat them tirelessly if they did not comply with his demands.

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This shows how cruel Armand is to his slaves and for the crime of having slaves at all because it involves the extortion of others. However after the third or fourth week their hair texture begins to change. This is how Desiree and Armand found out that her baby was black.