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Okay Joanna Ivin's memoir on her life is filled sadness and sometimes a little humor. Fatter reading this book, pause, and be thankful for what you have. She floats from here to there, job to job, place to place, much like her alcoholic mother did. Again without a job, nothing tying her down, she joins the Red Cross to help with the hurricane Ike relief. Where she meets Chris. This was an interesting read for me, yet left me having to mull it over on how I really felt about it. The timeline is a bit jumpy for my taste, with oddly placed flashbacks.

While the content of the flashbacks were absolutely necessary to the story, to understanding how Jonna came to making the choices she did — I wished the story had been in chronological order. Portions of this story were very hard for me to get through, emotionally. Having an alcoholic mother that I lost to cancer — when Jonna would flashback to those periods of her life, it surged too many hard memories to the surface for me. The budding relationship with Chris really was something you would see in fairytales. And yes, I too agree that some of her decisions made me want to reach inside the book and slap the sense into her.

They were immature decisions, something I would not have expected to be made by someone older than myself.

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But, if you take a step back and really look at the situation. No one has the right to judge her for it. And no one has to deal with the consequences of her decisions, except her. The formatting and editing could have used some work. And as I write this, I have a very hard time including it in the review.

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Overall, this was a good read. I applaud the author for that. And her story is an interesting one, one worth reading, one I think a lot of people can relate to.

Will Love For Crumbs

Sep 30, Angie rated it liked it Shelves: Pretty well written , candid and held my interest. Jumps around in time which was a little confusing at times.

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I expected more about the author's relationship with her mother. Apr 28, Pamela Clark rated it liked it Shelves: Once you get to know me this will make you smile, trust me. So please bear with me. When at a crossroad and faced with a dilemma, I have learned to go with my instincts. Starting out reading and anticipating a connection soon found me on unfamiliar ground. Already drawn into the first few pages, I sat back and readied for a new adventure. But having read enough books in my life, no surprise I found myself in a different place in time in the next chapter, which I would soon have to accept as a repeated characteristic that boarded confusion.

It was at this place I started to enjoy the book.

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For sure this is where the author started to convey emotions; and the place the author invites the reader to join. Of course, we all have an opinion of how things could and should read better, but for a fact, the best of authors make mistakes. Again, let me say I liked the title, but thought it was too big for what little Jonna wrote.

For the story, well I enjoyed most of it, but actually skipped a few paragraphs due to the graphic details or the brutally frank and unrefined language. Nothing I like more than a writer that allows me to work my imaginary self. Let me ask this, am I the only one that noticed that the one clear shot as to how any of them looked was Chris.

Where did he go? This I will say, congratulations on your book Jonna, and I do wish you success. Remember, we each have our own style. Feb 12, Erin rated it liked it. I am 'friends' with Ms. Ivin here on Goodreads and she emailed me her book when I asked. After reading it, I cannot wait to read what else she comes out with, simply for her writing. This was a very quick read. It is only pages ebook version and is very fast paced. The best thing about the entire book is Ivin's writing.

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Her wit and humor through everything is what made the book easy to read. She tells her story in a very straight-forward and candid way. She is a very good writer. I laughed I am 'friends' with Ms. I laughed out loud at times and she kept me wanting to read more. Like I said, I look forward to reading whatever she puts out next. I found it hard to follow the story at times because it jumps around without any warning. The chapters are named after the places they take place in, but no time is ever given so when she jumps to the present after talking about the past, and gives no note that she did it, you get mixed up.

I wish there was more to it too. The book focuses mainly on her time with Chris, which I won't even get into the disdain I feel for him, especially as a military wife, and only gives glimpses of the past and the present. I would love to know more about her childhood. Most of all, I would love to know what happened next.

There was so much buildup towards the end that you really wanted to know, what happens next. But then, it just abruptly ended. Ivin gave a small afterward in the last chapter explaining a little about how she has grown but it left me hanging.

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It didn't explain where she went or how she got there, nothing. I was very disappointed. If there would have been more to the story I would have, easily, given it 4 or 5 stars. As is, though, it only gets 3. May 06, Jacqui rated it really liked it. Will Love for Crumbs Over all I enjoyed the book. In the beginning after Jonni left I thought she went to California and we were going from there, it took a minute to realize that this was the actual beginning of it all.

I think a little more clarification would help when we go from the story to the present escape. My biggest thing spelling, there were a few spelling or misused words not many not too distracting. The story line was good; the title matches the story very well.

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  • I wish we could feel more of what Jonni was feeling at the time, when I read a memoir I love the emotions and the description. I think memoirs may be the hardest to write because of this. It is not far from where I see this book; I see a lot of potential as a memoir here, there are many men and women who can relate to this story.

    This was well portrayed through the story Jonni was given some crappy choices in her life but it is her decisions that matter; decisions are what make all the difference. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book it has been somewhat of an eye-opener. Apr 21, Bernadette Walsh rated it really liked it. Twenty pages in I wanted to put the book down. It was choppy, the flashbacks were confusing and I couldn't get a real feel for the character.

    So my recommendation is for readers to give the book time.

    The writing style along with the pacing improves radically. Jonna will take you on absorbing, compelling, if disturbing, ride. Jonna effectively Twenty pages in I wanted to put the book down. Jonna effectively brings you into her head, and although, like her, you can see the train coming from twenty miles away, the promise of love, the promise of a strong man making everything ok is so entrancing that you close your eyes to the coming trainwreck. There were technical difficulties with the writing and the dialog, but her storytelling was so absorbing that I still felt comfortable giving this book four stars -- and I tend to be a tough grader: Like other reviewers have noted, the ending is abrupt and I would've liked to know more, but I guess this is the difference between fiction and memoir.

    Miss Ivin had exposed so much of herself in this book I can see why she wanted an end point to all the disclosure, although such an ending might be frustrating to the reader. I think Miss Ivin has a great voice and would be interested in reading more of her writing in the future if she ever tackles fiction. I was pretty wrung out after this memoir so not sure I could take any more. Overall a fast absorbing read.